Friday, October 9, 2015

Its been 2 years from my last post. I must be in dilemma for like that long.... 

How have i been you say? Lets see, i'm currently jobless(with some pile of cash in bank and looking for job ) Plus i'm now out of DEBT...

I guess I'm fine right?

Well things happen, some goes some stays, I was in a state of Dilemma when my mom Passed away last year DEC 27 2014.

Well the most thing I learned is that when we are alive. Please If you have anything to say to a person. BE BOLT ENOUGH to say it. The thing is that, I dint get a word of forgiveness from my Mother. No matter how hard I apologies...its just too late... so Lets not repeat my mistake.

From time to time, we learn, we grow, we cry, we smile, we laugh, we sigh. But please don't forget to get confirmation in current time. Don't live in the past, Nor the future. Live in Present (because its a gift) that's why its call Present.(a quote from Kungfu Panda )  Its now imprint in my life.

Get going I do hope that there is a good business that I can venture into in the near future *(frankly to say I'm only good at Trading Commodities) but if its related I can make it happen.

Let's see. Today is 9 Oct 2015 I must walk out of my love lingering on the past. Must live in present.
That must be my challenge this year. I better make it.

Life is full of challenges right? Lets see I must be employed at least by December, or Start a new business in December.

That's it for now my supporters. I'm sorry to keep you all waiting for the past few years but thanks for supporting me.  I'll be on more frequent so hope you'd support me till the end of my years.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Its been A Year... I'm back...

Hmm I left my blog for a year... and I'm back just to write how it went the past year...

I'm soon to be 25 now... damn soon...
Yet i'm so near towards my million ringgit Collection........

I hate to say but after being a workaholic... I realize something...
Damn i need love... hahahaha
Well I just Messed up every single relationship I had in the past...
But I'm certain that The next one that's coming (which i hope it would come)
Will be a relationship that will last for my (this life)...
A relationship that's like a family...

I guess when money aren't problem in your life...
Next thing you would really look for must be love?

Well In Short... In the past years... I've been living a lonely life but still i did Lots of things..
Things that would really change my life...
Like business and challenges that appear in it..
Well People's that i've met... Its just the best in my life...
Thank God for giving me such a great blessing..
But GOD.. please Just make it Better...

After such a long period of time.. Thanks for those who visit my Page...
Thank you For all the supports...

 With Love: Joel

Saturday, November 17, 2012

7 Months have past.. Many things have changed..

For the past half of the year.. I've been working real hard.. and end up with what I am now.
Many things happened in the past 6 month.
I was in pain, in gladness, but most of the time I'm thankful to GOD for what thy has gave me.

Well lately I've been thinking.. What's the next phase in my life.
Time flies you see? I've been in this situation for the past 2 years and lately I've been thinking..

The things that I thought of is an Ideal Life, with a family of my own.
I've hit my goals but what's next?
I've thought of the girl who's willing to love me unconditionally
A girl who'd give her world to me.
A Girl whom we would hold hands together until the day we part ways..
A girl who'd be there when I reach home..
The phrase that she will whisper to me : "babe/hon/bee how's your day today?"
In my mind I'll tell her: "bee, its harsh day in my life.. but with you in it its a paradise" 
then when she tell's me:
"I made you breakfast/lunch/dinner"
No matter I'm full or not. I'll definitely finish the whole thing that she made.
Even it makes me to feel awkward or vomiting I'll finish it and tell her:  "bee thanks, its lovely"
I'll whisper to her ears every night and morning 
"I Love You" 
provided with a smile in my face no matter how harsh my life gets.
Well this was my thoughts lately that's been disturbing me.
Why did I say so you may ask..

Well I'm now in such situation.
I'm working from 3. pm to 11. pm.
Later on I will start working from 11. am to 11. pm.
The rest of the time I'll be preparing for my own business,
Well there it goes. Where do I have time to spend with my "Another Half"
(or if there's someone who's willing to be mine) 
So.. I've made a decision that makes me think a lot lately..
The decision was to Wait for the Mrs Right to appear while I work hard.
But during at night time I'll thought of being single for 3 years is an unhealthy lifestyle..
I'm now making only about RM3000~RM4000 per month.
And my business will expend soon.. so I hope GOD bless me 
Bless me with a girl who's willing to be by my side.

A Girl who's willing to spend the rest of her life just with me and our family. 
Well It's nice to come back Blogging after 6 month's 
I love You all
And Thanks for Supporting my blog.. 
With Love:
Please do continue to support me!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Well Hello to my Blog.. its been 3 months^.^

Haha Its been awhile since i've updated my blog..
Well I've been in shape lately.. although illness did come and go but those are small matters..

in such a short time i've realize how a person can change but de heart will never change...
I tried to do something insane but well i just cant.. haha so it dint happen...(that thing is to get into a relationship with any girl.. but end up when i wanted to start u're just all in my head) haha so i dint..

Well thanks to that now i'm fullforce on my work and business..
just past few weeks i've gain a new opportunity.
Its about franchising. and i'm going to do it right...

Time has pass and come by so fast and quickly.. i totally forgot how "you" hurt me so much during ur days back in penang(aka the last day b4 u leave penang) that wound its already became a scar..

I'm really stupid aint I? at one hand being able to gain an income of more then 20k per month (now) and on the other hand still thinking about you...
I really miss you alot..
Do you know? that day when tremor hits penang.. the 1st thing i thought of is "you".. damn i sent a msg to you i thought u dint reply.. i only realize u replied instantly via facebook..

i dint know how to start a sentence so i used this " did you felt that in kl?"
frankly to say my mind is all about you and i'm blank in my mind..just you..

haha i'm just a stupid idiot.. u hurt me so much yet i'm still waiting like a stupid donkie..
Well time flies and opportunity just come to me.. within 2 years time i'll get myself several units of house and also some great investments to improve my lifestyle..

Till then or in between the happenings i hope we can be togather.. C.Y..

Well not to expose too much and its so late.. i've been busy with tons of meetings lately.. its alilbit driving me crazy.. but i know its worth doing while learning..

Its not the time for me to stop.. i just need to keep going forward.
And look for more opportunity to improve my standard.
So i can reach my target.. in a shorter time.
Thank GOD , Blessing me with the ability, strength, and knowledge to increase my EQ and IQ.

Well Last but most least...

I Love You. C.Y.
And to all my family and friends... and also blog walkers..
Thanks for viewing my story...and do continue to do so..^.^.^

Monday, January 16, 2012

Well Done Joel.. New year has arrived...
Its the 1st Year me Starting as a Diabetic Patient Type 2.
And its been diff 2 month since I've updated my blog..

Well 1 thing that Made my YEAR 2012 Full of Happiness... Is the Present I Receive From a Person whom I've been waiting for an answer(well which means we're just Friends now)....

Frankly to say.. I mean just a word in my mind, Why did u purposely gave me such an Surprise? I was SOo Damn Happy as if I would Really SHOUT out LOUD that day..
I thought I was DREAMING... lolx Well On end of December, the only person who gave me a Birthday PRESENT for 2012 with a surprise in it...

Hmmm, Well I really wonder now if you really have feelings for me.. or you just treat me as a friend..
I... well have been 暗恋 situation for like the past few years..(few as in above 3)..lost track.. but still..
If u dint sent me the present.. I would just continue do what I did for the past few years...

Frankly to say I just have the urge to ask u “我们交往吧”.... LOL but in reality I might not have the courage since that day(although i forgot when was it) but I do still remember u telling me..

"When I want a GUY(or)Boyfriend, I'll look for one" which was told to me 1 year ago...

Since then I never even dare to nag or appear in ur msg.. Because I know.. 80% of the messages that I text you never really have a reply due to *what kind of msg are u sending me* in ur mind..

Well I cant just Text u "I Love You" just like that can I?... LOL

So I ended up text you things like "Good Morning" or "How's Life in KL"
Well I really do hope that u would waste some money just to reply i'm fine or Good morning and stuff.. But for you, I will think that its better Not to reply.. so you can save more money on phone bills.. hehe..

Well its been few years I've got no replies most of the time that I did not give up but stop bugging your phone.. I'm afraid that one fine day u may dislike me or hate me for being "Annoying"..

So Now my life is to keep my body in shape and work hard for what i've aim for.. minimum a house to stay... which is another 2 years down the road.. and also a good income... for now its like reduced to 2k+ per month which suck up most of the time..

I need more new things to improve my income.. and I really cant wait to meet her with an excuse(Lets go discuss about the business that u want to talk to me) haha
Well I do hope it works but I'm just afraid that she's too busy while she's in Penang which most of the time she hang out with her 姐妹 or family instead of looking for me...

Well this kind of situation I'll just focus on my work.. but It troubles me and made me shed tears during driving alone going back home(during that period sometimes when I tot of me being single or.. I don't even know why) I shed tears .

Well then back to the Year of Dragon.. I'm a DRAGON but I'll work harder just to improve my life...

Target SET Just let things Happen.. like a Padre once told me,
Pray, Hope and don't Worry..^.^

For now Savings will help a lot in years to come...
And 1 more thing
I love you..
*To my Family, Friends, blog walker and most especially her)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Its been 4 months

So.. i did not realize how fast time travel..
4 months have passed since i knew i have Diabetic..
Was a shock at 1st but thanks to it i am now under (overweight List) no longer Obesity.

Now my Weight is averagely around 94kg to 96 kg..
Well also thanks to it now i know where my limit is and where i can boost more..^.^
Thank god for blessing me all this kind of things even thou i'm in a very serious situation thou..
My family members supported me MOST.. and also Friends(close ones)..

Within this period i learn alot about health and food consumption which will cause what kind of illness.

But then my target.. is now Lacking alot.. from what I set this year...
I've grown thinner now.. well i still feel that i'm fat BTW..
But then alot of friends whom i did not meet up for longer then 3 months all was kinda shocked when they saw me.^.^
Happy for that thou..
Well i'm glad that now i dont know why but i feel like to let go all things and just live my life to the max..

The things i planned seems changed alot in the schedule.. Time.. and incident..
Just few months have change my life totally..^.^ should i be happy or sad? i dono..
Coz now i can see no future in me.. due to" ahem.. well i might collapse anytime any moment.."
That's diabetic.. u wont know when or what its attacking but it will one fine day..

From now on.. I have new goals..
Food Consumption + Medication must check daily..
Sugar level in blood must check daily..
Healthy Lifestyle is already a MUST..
Income must grow have to make new moves..
Time flies so.. b4 i'm 25 i have to finish the task and continue with my degree and Masters Degree...
used up more then 3 months to recover from the hospital medication..

Now is time to FIGHT!!
btw.. Why am i still single?... LOL
Alot of people dont believe me=.=
But I am.. I'm not seeing any girls now.. just focusing on work.. WTF..
I should Balance my life up.. LOL.. Time is short!!

Well I better get to bed now.. TMR morning Hiking!! hope can capture some pictures but i dont bring my phone to hike all the time..^.^ so.. hehe..
Nitez all thanks for viewing my blog..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hi People's Lets Smile More^.^

When time pass by.. i realize alot..
not to say I'm being mature or something,
Its just that now I realize how important it is even if you're not a somebody..
The existence of everyone is important..
by just living all life to the max will show alot of difference in the society..

For me I've learn how to live without her being around..
Although i got to admit i cant simply let go.. and i know alot of Guys still Tackling her..
I felt afraid of one fine day she'll tell me that she's in a relationship..
Today i saw another guy waiting for answer..
Well its obvious..

If she comes back for Christmas..
I'll sent her one last present..
In it will be my last invitation..
I will just accept the fact that she's not into me and move on if she rejects,
I'll also let things be and move on in my life if she dint give in any answers..
But if she wants me to wait i'll be here Penang waiting(while fighting for my career)

Its true that we must have a balance..
I felt one thing from the lesson thought via Experience..
If I have my career and Money..
but I don't have another half to spend with..
whats the purpose of having it at the 1st place?

So I need to balance up everything now..
If not I'm afraid I might not be able to get married b4 age of 30.
I'm afraid of Loneliness as others does so..
Hmmm I BET I must continue save money to create more business opportunity in life now..
Focus on business 1st Time will come if it is mine.
I must take action by then..^.^
Consequences, I will accept it and move on^.^..